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Disk Setup

The Disk Setup page provides you with several choices for disk installation.

This choice will only be available if the installer detects a supported partition with sufficient space to resize so that Centrych can be installed. Note the slider control in the After bar in the image above, it is the black vertical bar with arrows on either side of the blue-gray and blue sections. Sliding this control left or rignt lets you adjust the amount of disk to allocate for Centrych during installation.

Note: unfortunately, you can not change the disk selected by the installer for this option. You will have to exit the installer and use GParted to manually resize the partition you intend to use then return to the installer and select the Manual option below.

Guided - use entire disk
Guided - use entire disk and set up LVM
Both of these options will erase any existing partitions, then use the entire drive for Centrych. Setting up Logical Volume Management (LVM) adds the ability to take snapshots and for easily resizing partitions later on.

This option also erases the entire disk for installation and sets up LVM, but this option adds full disk encryption (FDE) as well.

This choice opens the partition editor so that you have complete control over the partition scheme for your installation.

    • If your system has multiple disks make sure that the appropriate disk is selected in the drop-down menu below the Manual radio button.
    • If you are interested in LVM or disk encryption in a dual-boot or multiple disk configuration, please consult the disk partitioning page for additional information.

Note: the live DVD document for this page contains links to the following additional pages that have not been included here:
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