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Guided - use full disk encryption

The full-disk encryption functionality documented here has been backported from the 13.04 (raring) release.

Full disk encryption requires an encryption passphrase. To ensure that the passphrase has been entered correctly an indicator is used that appears when the passphrase and confirmation do not match as shown in the example above.

Centrych provides the ability to configure a system with full disk encryption to use quasi two-factor authentication and/or simplified sign-on (SSO) via auto-login. Please refer to the simplified-sign-on page for more details.

The following image is an example of the passphrase boot prompt that is displayed during system boot.

The following will be displayed after a valid passphrase has been entered.

Note: the live DVD document for this page contains links to the following additional page(s) that have not been included here:
  • Simplified-Sign-On