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Live DVD

The initial boot of the Centrych live DVD depends on if you're using the 64 or 32 bit version and what firmware your computer uses.

The following screen is only shown when using the 64 bit version of Centrych on a computer configured to use UEFI firmware. From this screen you can choose from the following:
  • Start the live session using the Centrych desktop profile (default)
  • Start the live session using the Xcentrych desktop profile
  • Start the Centrych installer for installation to a hard disk
  • Check the DVD disk for defects
An example of the live session desktop is at the end of this page, starting the installer takes you directly to language panel.

This is the first screen presented for either version of Centrych if your computer uses BIOS firmware. Pressing any key while this logo is displayed will take you to the advanced boot menu. Left untouched, the live session will start automatically.

BIOS Advanced Boot Menu
Prior to displaying the advanced boot menu you will be presented with the language selection menu, choose the appropriate language, or press RETURN to accept the default. You can also press ESC as well.

Advanced Boot Menu
Aside from the menu entries, which are self-explanatory, the main purpose of the advanced boot menu is to provide the ability to modify kernel parameters prior to booting the live DVD.

Note: pressing ESC while at the advanced boot menu will exit to the grub command line.

The Ubuntu BootOptions wiki page contains more details on the options available via the F2-F6 keys. Additional links are provided at the bottom of that wiki page if you encounter problems while booting or want to review a detailed list of kernel boot parameters.

Note: to ensure compatibility with the broadest range of hardware, the 32 bit DVD boots the non-PAE desktop kernel. If the installer detects at least 3GiB of installed RAM, it will enable the PAE kernel option, which will install the desktop-pae (or desktop-bfs-pae if the BFS option is also selected) kernel to enable access to memory above 3GiB.

Live Session
The screen below is an example of the live session using the Centrych desktop profile. Depending on the resolution and aspect ratio of your display, you will be presented with a desktop similar to the following:

This screen is the live session using the Xcentrych desktop profile.

At this point you can tour/use the Centrych OS desktop or you can begin installing Centrych to your system.

Note: The full help document on the live DVD has additional information in the installation notes section that should be reviewed prior to installing Centrych.