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The first section of the Prepare page confirms the status of the items mentioned at the beginning of the Installation page.

Note: the power source option is not listed here as this image was taken from an example installation within a virtual machine.

Remove accessibility software
The live DVD comes with accessibility software installed. Select this item if you would like to remove this software from your installed system.

Install restricted and third-party software
If checked, this option will install software that cannot be distributed with Centrych due to licensing or legal restriction. Review the restricted drivers and multimedia notes pages for more details on these packages.

Download updates while installing
This option, when checked, will download any available updates. However, the updates will not be installed to your system, you will still need to run Update Manager to update your system after you've rebooted your machine.

Note: the live DVD document for this page contains links to the following additional page(s) that have not been included here:
  • Installation
  • Restricted Drivers
  • Multimedia notes