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Primary User

The Primary User panel is where you will define your user account for your system. This panel, like those for the root account and full disk encryption, has a password mismatch indicator.

In the image above the Sudo command access option is selected, disabled, and the text below it is red. This will be the case when the root account does not have a password assigned to it. The image below shows the sudo option enabled with green text below it, which indicates that the root account has a password assigned.

Require my password to log in

Log in automatically
These are alternative options, selecting one will deselect the other. 

If you select Log in automatically, the Encrypt my home folder option will be disabled.

Encrypt my home folder
This option will allow you to encrypt your home folder. Please refer to the encrypted home page for further information.

Selecting this option will select Require my password to log in and disable both choices because a password is required to decrypt your home directory.

Sudo command access
The sudo command option here is active with the message below it shown in green. This indicates that a password has been created for the root account. If the root account was disabled this option will also be disabled and the text below it would be red.

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Jack Radigan,
Oct 26, 2013, 7:05 AM
Jack Radigan,
Oct 26, 2013, 7:05 AM