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Downloading Youtube Videos

SMTube has been rewritten due to the new YouTube API that Google recently released. One of the changes with the new API is that developers must agree to not implement download functionality in any applications that interact with YouTube.

However, SMTube does allow for external programs to be configured, such as youtube-dl, that restores the ability to download videos from YouTube. To enable downloads, do the following:

First, install youtube-dl if it is not already installed in your system:

sudo apt-get install youtube-dl

Now lauch SMTube and open the Settings dialog from the View menu.

Click the add button (the green plus sign) and enter the following:

Name:               Download
Executable:     xterm
Parameters:     -e youtube-dl %u --restrict-filenames -o "YouTube/%(title)s.%(ext)s"

Check the box labeled "This player supports video sites," then click OK to finish adding downloading capability to SMTube.

When you right-click a video within SMTube select "Open Download" to store the video on your system. By default, the videos will be placed in a sub-directory of your home directory called "YouTube." Change the name in the Parameters line shown above if you wish to save the video to a different location.

The manpage for youtube-dl contains additional information if you wish to make further modifications to how videos are downloaded.