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The following video tutorials are hosted on

(Please note that the quality is not as good as can be, they were originally recorded for Youtube, but uploading there has become impossible.)

                    Covers Centrych-specific features and installer customizations, and provides a walk-through installation of Centrych with full disk encryption.

Post-install                    Covers several of the post-installation configuration tasks; creating the local email box, installing restricted extras and TrueCrypt.

Desktop Profiles           Illustrates the KDE/Qt and Greybird/GTK based desktop profiles and associated features of each.

Password Caching        Covers the two basic password caching agents, GNOME keyring and KWallet, and configuring Chrome and Chromium to use them.

SSO and TwoFactor     Covers simplified-sign-on and quasi two-factor authentication when using full disk encryption.

Internet Email               Provides a walk-through of configuring the Thunderbird email client with an Internet email provider.

Encrypted Email           Covers the configuration of PGP for encrypted email and demonstrates testing it to ensure that it's configured correctly.

Off-The-Record            This protocol provides secure Instant Messaging (IM) as provided by the Kopete IM client that's included with Centyrch.

  • Clementine is, of course, not based on (or in) Armonk. It is based on the Amarok 1.4 music player.