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LTS Saucy

posted Jan 14, 2014, 11:02 AM by Jack Radigan   [ updated Jan 14, 2014, 11:04 AM ]
I've posted the 3.11 LTS Saucy kernel and updated the centrych-desktop-support package to include an install-lts-saucy script.

A couple of notes of warning though.

The BFS process scheduler has been taking it on the chin in the 3.11 release.  There were quite a few problems posted on the author's blog and he's
released a couple of changes to fix it.  So, just be aware of potential issues if you decide to run it.  It's an experimental scheduler, so keep that in mind.

Worse was the reason this kernel was delayed so long.  Due to the continuing growth in kernel size as more things are added, I bumped into a disk space limit
on Launchpad for the i386 builds.  I was able to work around it for now, but I think by the time the 3.13 kernel comes out, which is what's scheduled to be in the
next LTS release, I'm going to bump into this again.

What it comes down to for i386 users, assuming Canonical has no desire to increase disk space, is having to choose between having the BFS process scheduler
as an option or having the non-PAE kernel.  I'm testing the CFS scheduler in 3.11 now to see if the improvements some have said are real or not.  Only time
will tell on that front.

Nvidia graphics drivers
This one bit me on one of my laptops.  The available drivers do not compile with the 3.11 kernel, so if you want to run 3.11 you're going to need to uninstall
the nividia drivers for now.  The 331 driver is supposed to work, but right now it's only available for Trusty, not Precise, which is what Centrych is based on.

I"m a bit backed up on things at the moment, but once I can clear my plate a bit I'll take a look at the drivers and see what I can do.

I'm going to be posting another change, this time to centrych-desktop-settings since it will conflict with the 331 driver if it happens to get
 released.  The downside is that you may experience the loss of an icon for the nvidia-settings program.