Upgrading to 12.04.3

Upgrading an existing installation to the 12.04.3 requires the release, updates, and upgrades repositories be enabled.

If you've not made any changes to the repository settings since installing Centrych the easiest method is to do an update now in order to install the latest version of the centrych-desktop-support package then execute the following command from a terminal prompt once the update has finished:

    sudo update-centrych

What this command does is to enable the required repositories, perform the upgrade, then remove several packages that are no longer needed.

The other method is to enable the repositories manually via the Software Sources tool that is located in the System menu. After enabling the repositories do a refresh, either with the Update Manager tool, which is also located in the System menu, or by executing the following command from a terminal prompt:

    sudo apt-get update

You can now upgrade your system, again using the Update Manager tool.

Once your system has been upgraded you will need to logout then login again to begin using the 4.10 desktop. A reboot is not required.

Centrych Desktop Profile
The Xfce4 4.10 desktop panel has a change of behavior in the Windows Buttons plugin that results in all the panel icons appearing adjacent to one another when using the Centrych desktop profile.

To fix this you will need to add a Separator plugin to the panel and place it to the immediate right of the Window Buttons plugin. Set the separator properties to transparent and expand.

The Xcentrych profile is unaffected by this change since it already has a separator plugin installed.

Whisker Menu Default Favorites
 If you were using the Whisker menu prior to upgrading be aware that the default favorites list has changed as shown here: 

Please use this image as a guide for adjusting your favorites list if you have modified them from the old default list.

Otherwise, you can do the following to migrate to the new favorites list:

  1. Remove the whisker menu from your panel
  2. Execute the command rm ~/.config/xfce4/panel/whiskermenu-*.rc
  3. Re-add the whisker menu to your panel

Relocated Menu Items
The following menu items have been relocated to the Xfce4 Settings Manager:

Menu/Item                                          Section (in settings manager)
System → Software Sources              System
System → Update Manager               System

Xfce4 Session Manager
Several default settings in the session manager, which are accessed via Session and Startup (located in the System section of the Xfce4 Settings Manager) have been changed as follows:

Launch GNOME/KDE Services
These options are located in the Advanced panel and have been changed to not be selected by default. Unless these services are required, you will benefit from reduced login times and memory usage.

Keyring Components
All keyring components are selected by default. The startup code in the session manager for the GNOME keyring has been refactored to always select the best available choice for the GPG and SSH services.

Note: the component options in this panel may be removed in a future release because of this code refactoring.

KWallet Manager
An unresolved issue exists with the KWallet Manager since it has been moved to the Xfce4 Settings Manager. Trying to create the default wallet from here will result in a wallet that other KWallet-aware applications will not use.

If the default wallet is created within an application, such as the case with the configure-browser-password script, it will be created properly.

Once created, the wallet can be accessed via this item without any further issues.